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Clawsets, a sleepwear fashion brand whose collection highlight the latest style and focus on quality material that brings comfort, luxury feelings and boost inner confident to those who choose Clawsets as their daily wear.

Our goals are to become the number one sleepwear brand in Malaysia and we present wearble styles that can go from day to night bringing fashion right from the santuary place you call home.

  • Clawsets - Uqasha Senrose

    Uqasha Senrose

    Behind the scene Isteri Halal wearing Britney

  • Clawsets - Arviena


    Influencer wearing code honey

  • Clawsets - Nad Zainal

    Nad Zainal

    Behind the scene Dendam Seorang Isteri wearing Quinn

  • Clawsets - Noureen Iman

    Noureen Iman

    Behind the scene Cina Buta wearing Natalia

  • Clawsets - Elly Mazleen

    Elly Mazleen

    Behind the scene Gila Viral wearing Ashley

  • Clawsets - Intan Ladyana

    Intan Ladyana

    Behind the scene Isteri Halal wearing Kayla Robe

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